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Dragon is Holy and Friendly!

Discover Leh Ladakh is introducing a whole new way of seeing the Cold Deserts, Some Highest Motorable Passes of the World, Buddhism Culture, City of Monasteries, Sky Blue Lakes and yes, the Land of Dragon. Some see travel as packages, fitting neatly into square boxes, we see something quite different. A new experience, wide smile, a taste, refreshing relations... a moment. We see travel as a form of self expression. The inspiration to travel should come from the heart... not out of a box, and the journey begins the moment you walk in the door.

Hopefully, you are ready to travel outside the square. Let’s Discover Leh Ladakh -- the rooftop of the world.

15 Reasons why you should choose Discover Leh Ladakh:

  • We truly are the experts in what we do on the mountains.
  • Our team being local residents of various parts of Ladakh, Himachal and Delhi, we know our place better than others.
  • Safety and security of the tourists is our very first job. We keep track on their outdoor activities and protect them from being swindled.
  • Earning money is not the sole motive of Discover Leh Ladakh, we want our customers to take good memories from here and tell the outer world that how innocent and honest are the people of this beautiful hill state.
  • Discover Leh Ladakh is not just a tour, travel and adventure company, it is a link of social networking between customers and us the young enthusiast organizers.
  • We sell what we commit. We have guts to say that “don’t pay if you are not satisfied”. And it’s somewhat funny that we have got our full and final payment from all our customers.
  • Unlike travel agencies or travel agents in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or other places outside Ladakh who send customers like you to Leh Ladakh without proper knowledge of place, guidance and support, we at Discover Leh Ladakh provide you 24 hours support.
  • We have educated, well behaved and friendly drivers who know how to impress their customers with cheering face, true and sweet talks. Our drivers are trained guides as well so that third party guide would not hinder your privacy. You won’t resist yourself ask for driver’s private number before saying goodbye to him.
  • As our name suggests, we believe in Discovering new and worth seeing places.
  • We are bringing back the Romance, Thrill and anticipation back into travel.
  • Nothing is too hard and unknown... we are always here to help.
  • Our value is in our people.
  • We are breaking new ground in the travel industry and delivering travel in an exciting new way. Visit the Land of Dragon to find out!
  • Amazing deals, all day, every day. We deliver our services for minimum charges like no other.
  • Is something else that we are missing? Help us find our drawbacks and help us make our services better.

“World is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page”

At Discover Leh Ladakh, we see and do things differently, that’s why we are introducing a whole new way to see the world. To get started, why not check out some of our amazing Holiday Deals. Why not contact us and begin your own journey - you find we are always here to help and nothing is too much trouble.
We are proud to be an Indian company that has been organising holidays for almost 15 years and we have satisfied clients returning to travel with us again and again. We have available a fantastic range of travel products in all corners of Ladakh and Himachal. We are registered with Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.


For More Information: Call +91-9418-336677 (24 hours helpline) or E-mail discoverlehladakh@gmail.com

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